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我們的專家團隊曾於歐美、亞洲等地協助客戶完成產品政策、市場調查和行銷、公私部 門培訓和供應鏈管理培訓。我們深富經驗的專家不僅可提供永續發展和綠色科技方面市場研究、政策和市場分析,也專精於深入的綠色科技和產品市場資訊收集和研究。

我們的工作特別專精於介於歐洲(英國)和亞洲(中國區)市場研究和調查,行業領域特別 專注於三大領域:綠色科技、綠色電子和綠色營建材料和產品。

我們的專家團隊含括中文為母語的專家代表可協助中國區的企業在歐洲地區的商業活 動,以及歐洲企業於大中國區

Great Wall of China


針對客戶需求,協助歐洲客戶進入大中國和日本市場;或是針對亞洲,如大中國區客戶 了解歐洲法規和市場,具體項目含括:


協助國際企業UL新產品綠色標章國際研究專案計晝,提供歐洲和大中國/亞 洲地區高際電子業資深主管和政策官員調查和市場研究


Client comments:

“I worked with SILAB on global research about eco-labelling for our client where SILAB’s team work focused on Director level interviews in the Europe and Great China region. SILAB team's excellent work delivered the project on time and on budget! SILAB 's professional knowledge of 'business sustainability' issues and research skills and access to high level global network impressed me greatly.
As a result of this successful project, my company has built up a close and strong partnership with SILAB team.
I look forward to continuing to work with SILAB on similar projects in the future.”

Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jacquie Ottman, Principle of Jacquie Ottman Consulting, US