Research and business intelligence

SILAB - pioneers in PR, marketing and communications in the green space

SILAB has completed sustainable innovation training programmes in Europe, South-East Asia and North America.

Communication and Marketing: SILAB is experienced in: marketing and PR strategy; digital strategies including e-newsletters and web presence; design and print of brochures/leaflets; copywriting; press release production and dissemination; video production.

Skilled in Media Outreach: The SILAB team has both a global network and experience in communication with different media.

Online and offline PR and communications

SILAB's PR team is highly experienced at:

Digital PR, marketing and communications: SILAB's team blazed a trail with one of the world first e-books, in the 1990s. Now they are involved in every aspect of the "digital" world, from LinkedIn and Twitter to e-newsletters, news websites, online versions of journals, magazine and newspapers, online communities and e-networking. Traditional PR, marketing and communications: SILAB's team has many years experience both nationally and globally in the offline [print media] space.

Green marketing and communications: SILAB's team has a broad and deep knowledge in the environment and business sector.
SILAB can mix and match the above skill sets to meet specific requirements.

In addition, SILAB provides services in:

Helping start-ups, larger SMEs and blue chip names. Using SILAB's own unique, extensive email database of potential customers, partners and green brand pioneers and policy makers, the team can quickly support PR with a direct approach - emailing the database with details of your new service or product.

Website design and build, and, in partnership with fellow digital innovators, iPhone application development and a website methodology that integrates the website with your business and its processes.

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