Research and business intelligence

Research including Business Intelligence:

SILAB has completed a range of studies for organisations in Europe and South East Asia. SILAB is highly experienced not only in market research but also in analysis and knowledge gathering.

Special focus on Business Intelligence between the Great China region and UK/EU.
SILAB provides a comprehensive market research and intelligence service in Great China Region focusing on clean tech, ICT and sustainable construction sectors.

Native Chinese speaking researchers can access high level networks and are able to provide important insight and market intelligence on developments in the Great China region. This is completed through desk research and in-depth face-to-face or telephone interviews with high level contacts.

Great Wall of China

Service examples:

Customised policy and market studies for companies wishing to enter the Great China region and/or to Japan. This includes providing services on:

Project examples:

Global market research on eco-labelling in the Europe and Asia was undertaken in the building and ICT sectors for UL.


Client comments:

“I worked with SILAB on global research about eco-labelling for our client where SILAB’s team work focused on Director level interviews in the Europe and Great China region. SILAB team's excellent work delivered the project on time and on budget! SILAB 's professional knowledge of 'business sustainability' issues and research skills and access to high level global network impressed me greatly.
As a result of this successful project, my company has built up a close and strong partnership with SILAB team.
I look forward to continuing to work with SILAB on similar projects in the future.”

Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jacquie Ottman, Principle of Jacquie Ottman Consulting, US